We have a great new Team this year with a couple new people in Office and a couple new people on the Board. We are getting new members coming in to the club in the last couple of months but the BIG NEWS is we have some great events this year that we are hoping will grow into even bigger events next year. 

New JR Riders program is gearing up for the new year. This program welcomes minors of all ages for the love of horses. Don’t have a horse. That’s OK. Come out and learn more about horses and what it takes to care for one. Minors 18 and under must be members along with a parent. 

If you want to come help at any of the events please check out our new “Events” page for upcoming events and reach out to a Board member to see where help is needed. We had a Spring cleaning Day planned for this weekend but we have had to cancel due to weather. Please check back for any updates and please check our Facebook page for updates as well. Lets make this a fun year!