Membership applications are available below or at the clubhouse. Starting April 1st, 2023 membership dues changed to $50 per Individual and $75 for Family. 

Please mail your completed application and check to: Fort Dalles Riders, PO Box 491, The Dalles, OR 97058.

Membership Benefits

DISCLAIMER The Fort Dalles Riders Association is a private non-profit organization. The facilities are supported and maintained by the membership through annual dues, proceeds from concessions, riding activities and clubhouse rentals. Access is limited to members and those participating in club sponsored activities (such as horse shows, clubhouse rentals etc.). Due to insurance liability concerns, these rules must be strictly enforced.


1023 Irvine Street, The Dalles, OR 97058


  1.       All riding guests must sign a Liability Waiver each time they use the grounds. Waiver form is located in a box attached to the side of the clubhouse. Completed and signed waivers shall be deposited in a receptacle for that purpose.
  2.       Children, ages 17 and under, must wear a helmet while riding on grounds and participating in equine activities. They must be always supervised by a parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult with some actual authority over the minor.
  3.       The parking lot, arena, round pen, trail course and stalls are for members’ and pre-scheduled event participants’ use only and not available to non-participating members during that time.
  4.       Renters and their guests using the clubhouse are authorized to use the clubhouse, yard fenced area and parking lot and are not authorized to play or frequent other areas across the bridge (arena, trail course, announcer’s stand, etc.) or play on backside area of clubhouse.
  5.       Unattended horses are not allowed in the arena or round pen.
  6.       Remove all jumps, barrels, or other equipment from the arena before leaving.
  1.       Close and latch all gates after using the arena, round pen, or stalls. Left open swinging gates damage fencing.
  2.       Pick up after your horse in parking lot area or paneled stalls, racking up manure/hay and take it with you when you leave. Paneled Stalls should be left clean and ready for next use.
  3.       If your horse paws a hole in parking lot area while tied to the trailer, please fill the hole back up before leaving.
  4.       DO NOT tie your horse to the arena, trail course or other fences.
  5.       Stallions are breeding animals and as such can be unpredictable no matter how well trained. Stallions will not be allowed in the arena or trail course if youth riders are riding in those areas and owners must alert all other riders that they are riding a stallion. Owners must assume all liability should their stallion threaten, cause harm to another horse or rider and/or cause another horse to injure a rider because of the presence of their stallion.
  6.      In general, dogs are allowed, but on leash only and must be under control without barking which may spook horses. During certain events, dogs may be restricted from being on grounds.